Apple Black Friday 2018 Deals (including iPhone XR & XS)

Black Friday is around the corner and buzz related to awesome deals can already be heard. Everyone whether on the Internet or not is talking about the grand deals that are going to make news on 23rd November. Black Friday 2018 is going to be special for a lot of people especially the Apple fanboys because they will be looking forward to getting their hands on the latest Apple Products. Apple Black Friday 2018 is also special because of the launch of the iPhone XR and XS, the latest flagship smartphones from the company.

Apple & Black Friday!

Apple fans are assuming and expecting Apple to leverage them with some lucrative discounts on the wide spectrum of products. While everyone is still contemplating about the Black Friday Apple 2018 deals, we bring to you a list of predictions that will help you plan your shopping spree.

A lot of online stores have already disclosed their array of discounted products but premier players like Apple are keeping the best for the last. Apple as always is expected to disclose its discounted list on the Black Friday, which is 24th November. Though don’t expect much bargains from Apple on the Black Friday 2018 but as being said earlier you can grab some good bargains on third-party online retailers and marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and BestBuy.

Historical data related to Apple Black Friday

Apple is known to provide the worst deals on the Black Fridays; given the fact that an ardent apple follower will buy the product at any cost, leverages the enterprise with the power to not cut prices during Black Friday Sales.

Last year, on Black Friday, Apple resellers where providing gift card worth $100 on the purchase of iPads but Apple Store provided the highest gift card of $50. Apple Resellers can easily flush out Apple Store when it comes to providing discounts on Black Friday Apple 2018 sales.

Apple Black Friday Predictions 2018

MacBook Air will hit an all-time low on Black Friday.

Last year, MacBook Air was one of the most popular products on Apple Store; the product’s price had gone as low as $900. Apple Black Friday 2018 is going to be memorable for everyone who is planning to get his or her hands on MacBook Air.

The highly impressive laptop will be available for grab for as low as $900, once again! Keep an eye on the online stores like BestBuy, Walmart, and for best deals; some of the experts believe that the price may be decreased up to $850 on this Black Friday.

How well are the iPhones going to do on Black Friday 2018?

With the new iPhones already being the talk of the town, a lot of people will have their eyes glued to these handsets. Experts have always said that “Do Not Expect lucrative Deals on iPhones X by Apple Store”; it is true that Apple will hardly list their flagship product in the discounted list but there’s a way you can get the latest gadget at unbelievable prices. You may get some good deals on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/Plus.

Deals on Smartphone and SIM Only are going to be the biggest hit this year. A lot of service providers will be providing the latest iPhone for as low as $90. Hundreds of people will grab these offers without giving a second thought; the lucrative deals by contemporaries will make the Black Friday Apple 2018 deals even more exciting.

Second, look out for the iPhone deals on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and BestBuy, you may get some bargains there but as said don’t expect from the Apple Store.

What about discounts on Apple Watch?

Apple Watch has made enough noise and now it is time for the Watch to settle down and become a usual product; Apple will be looking forward to selling a record-breaking number of these Watches this Black Friday. The base model may see prices as low as $339. A cut of 3% in the selling price will make up for the news and will coax more and more people to buy it.

Deals We’ve Found So Far for Black Friday!

Deals on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

Product And Deal DescriptionDeal ScheduleWhere? Link to the Product.
Free $250 Gift Card With Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus With ActivationBeginning November 23 Target
iPhone 6 on Straight Talk Wireless 32GB for $129 (save $70)Beginning November 23  Walmart
Apple iPhone Qualifying Purchases (7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and X) Get a $300 Walmart Gift Card (AT&T & Verizon)Beginning November 23  Walmart

Black Friday 2018 Deals on iPads

Product And Deals DescriptionSavingsDeal ScheduleWhere? Link to the Product.
Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch (Wi-Fi) for $529.99$120Beginning November 23 Target
Save up to $150 on the iPad Pro 10.5-InchUp to $150Beginning November 23  BestBuy
Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi Only (5th Generation) for $249$80Beginning November 23  Walmart
Apple iPad 32GB for $249.99 $80 Beginning November 23  Target

Apple Black Friday 2018 Deals on Macbooks

Product And Deals DescriptionSavingsDeal ScheduleWhere? Link to the Product.
Apple MacBook Air (Latest Model) 13.3-inch Display 256GB for $999.99$200Beginning November 23BestBuy
Apple MacBook Air (Latest Model) 13.3-inch Display 256GB for $999.99$200Beginning November 23 BestBuy
MacBook Pro (save up to $250)Up to $250Beginning November 23 BestBuy

Apple Black Friday 2018 Deals on Watches

Product And Deals DescriptionSavingsDeal ScheduleWhere? Link to the Product.
Apple Watch Series 3 + $90 Kohl’s Cash for $329 (no direct discount)$90 Kohl’s CashBeginning November 20Kohl’s
Apple Watch Series 1 for $70 Off (pay $179-$229 depending on the model)$70Beginning November 22 Macy’s
Apple Watch Series 1 starting at $179.99 (save $70)$70Beginning November 23 Target

What is the best thing to do during the Black Friday to get the best deal on Apple product?

The only way through which, you can grab the best of Apple Products at a discounted price on Black Friday is by keeping an eye on all the options available. Have a look at the catalog by Apple Resellers, Online stores and compare them with the Apple Store. Do not miss out to check with the Phone Carriers for the best deals on the latest iPhones.

How we’ll Help you to grab the best Apple Deals this Black Friday?

Our team of experts will be regularly scanning all e-commerce stores and dealers on Black Friday for the best Apple deals and sales. As soon as they find something worthy deal to share, it would be updated on this page right here. All you need to do is, bookmark this page and keep checking on the big day. Alternatively, you can also subscribe to our deals newsletter if you don’t want to miss any deals, price-drop or updates from us.

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