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Black Friday 2017 is less than 100 hours and people cannot seem to contain their excitement. People have made their plans and are already on roads to make the most of every exciting deal. There are some amazing deals that people cannot afford to miss hence they will put every ounce of effort required. During Black Friday 2017 sales item like PS4 and Xbox are going to be in high demand. A lot of enterprises have prepared themselves to handle the increased demand.


Products like Xbox and PS4 are going to be in high demand because they cater to a wider audience, be it young or old, everyone loves to play some high graphics games and spend their free times. PS4 and Xbox have changed the meaning of entertainment and the additional discounts during Black Friday Sales will make it easier for everyone to own one of these awesome gadgets.

Top Best Xbox and Play Station Black Friday Deals 2017

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB for $200 ($100 off): Available on Best Buy with a discount of $100, this is certainly one of the best PlayStation deals out there. The fact that it is slim and has 1TB capacity is going to make a lot of people consider this to be there best buy this Black Friday. PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB for $200 is very popular on Amazon and eBay even on regular days, which means a lot of people will be trying to buy it. If you are sure about getting it, order it as soon as the deal goes live.

Xbox One S for $190: while thousands of people will be looking forward to owning a PlayStation 4 another thousand will be aiming to get their hands on Xbox One S deals. A lot of enterprises have got into the task and are trying to lure customers with the best discount but only a few will be able to match the discounts on Amazon and Microsoft.

We have mentioned Amazon to be the best place for buying Xbox One S but this Black Friday order it from Walmart at an impressive price of $190. The quality of service provided by Walmart will surpass services offered by Microsoft.

Since Walmart sliced the prices for Xbox to $190 a lot of other stores have also added discounts and made the price $190. So the customers here are going to have a great time. One can easily order it from another store in case they fail to acquire from Amazon or Walmart.

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What is going to be the highlight of Xbox and PlayStation sales this Black Friday?

With Black Friday coming close a lot of stores will be turning deals into bundle deals. A lot of expensive games will be bundled for free with the gaming consoles. Exciting subscriptions and additional tools may also come bundled with the console. Try your luck, look out for better options and spend your money wisely.

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