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Black Friday is here, and so the soaring numbers in the travel deals. It is right around the corner, and everyone is getting pretty excited about the transactions which are going to be live. Since Christmas is just a few weeks away, you might have already planned your holiday travel. But it will be right for you to wait till Black Friday so that you can get the best deals on travel. These offers are already coming in a big rush, so it will be right for you to grab them before you miss out on the chance.


Why are travel deals so high?

Well, take this for an example. Suppose you are about to fly out somewhere, but the airlines are charging you a ransom. When you book a hotel for your favorite place, then the hotels are charging you an equivalent. A lot of travellers cannot enjoy themselves for the fact that they have to pay so much right from the beginning, and this is where the main problem lies. So with Black Friday around the corner, you don’t have to worry about these charges anymore. There are a lot of offers and huge discounts on the biggest of airlines so that you can travel to your favorite destination without a doubt in your mind.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals on Flights

Virgin Atlantic: One of the most prominent airlines in today’s market, Virgin Atlantic, is spilling out all the costs for the black Friday travel deals this year. They have announced officially that their black Friday sales will go down from Monday, which is November 25th. Since there is no further update down by the group, you will be updated as soon as the news goes out.

Emirates: Emirates has not spilled out the offers yet. They are saying that they are storing it for the surprise of their customers, and those want to have a good and the best deal coming their way. They are supposed to spill the beans on November 27th. These deals are based on all the business and the economy class, so the passengers don’t have to worry about it anymore. The arrangements will be announced at 8 AM on the 27th, so if you are as excited as me, don’t miss out on them.

Air China: the deals which are being offered by Air China are quite good. They are providing a source through which the passengers can travel from Asia to New Zealand in just about 1100 euros. Their business class trips have been bought down to about 1400 euros. Isn’t it great?

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Black Friday Deals on Hotels

Rosewood Hotels and Resorts: The Rosewood hotels, which are located in every part of the world, are the most expensive of them all. But this Black Friday, everyone can get an offer. There are about 35% off on the stays for the couples for a brand promotion that they are committing and to enhance the portfolio of the hotel. With a complimentary night stay, only $100 can be spent on spa and other services.

The Peninsula Hotels: the luxurious chain of the hotel, which is based all around in the Chicago, Beverly Hills, and New York. These are offering 30% savings on the first bookings, which are to be made by customers. There are luxury suites and rooms available for the first-timers from December 15th to around April 30th.

Black Friday deals on travel agencies

Travel agencies are an essential part of your travel since they make the most of it. So here are the top travel deals on Black Friday scoped out for the best agencies out there for you.

GoEuro: you might have heard about this leading travel agency, which is located all around Europe and gets you the best deals. So this Black Friday, get ready for the ride since you can get to see Rome, Venice, and Florence at a high train for only 25 euros. And if you use the code ‘ukbfgoeuro’ for your booking, then you will get around 25% off on everything that you do.

Priceline: one of the most exquisite and leading brand for travel agencies, Priceline is offering you about 50% off on all the hotels that you book from them. With the help of the email subscriber, you can get more info on the deals that are going on air.

Expedia: Expedia is one of the most favourite travel agencies, and they are offering you a whopping discount on all the travel scopes for this year. There are a lot of travel coupons that you can use, and it will get you a stark discount of about $500 to $1000 off on all the vacation packages. You will even get a 90% off on all the deals and bookings that you make with Expedia.

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