How to save even more on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is known as the day after Thanksgiving and is celebrated widely in the US. Is it celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, and this year will be celebrated on the 24th of November 2023. Black Friday also marks the start of the unofficial start of the holiday season shopping. On this day, store owners announce huge discounts, offers, and coupons to lure customers. Many bargain hunters wait eagerly for this day to start their shopping spree, but the crowds that Black Friday sales attract are almost mind-boggling. Check all the best Black Friday deals here. Check all Store ad scans here.

Black Friday 2017

Why is it Called Black Friday?

It is a common practice for shop owners and retailers to note down their profits and losses for the day in a personal account. Losses are recorded in red and profits are recorded in black. Since, on the day of Black Friday, retailers are seen to incur some of the biggest profits, this day has coined the name of Black Friday.

Even though Black Friday sales should begin on the day after Thanksgiving, nowadays, shop owners are announcing their Black Friday sales at the end of October, or even a week before Black Friday itself, as the sales they make are enormous. Amazon started Countdown to Black Friday Deals week, Walmart started Pre-Black Friday Sale, and other online retailers like Target, and BestBuy have also started giving great offers ahead of this Black Friday.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023 Shopping Tips and Hacks


Whether you prefer to do your holiday shopping over the internet, or you feel it is more traditional to wade through the hustle and bustle of the crowd to do your holiday shopping, here are some tips on how you can maximize your savings this Black Friday and shop like a pro.

Use Amazon’s credit card to save an extra 5%

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, consider getting the Amazon Prime Rewards Signature Visa Card. With it, you automatically get 5% cashback on nearly everything you buy from (and everything you buy at Whole Foods as well).

That’s on top of any sale prices happening on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or any other time of year. And trust me when I say that if you shop on Amazon a lot, that 5% can add up.

Don’t already have Amazon Prime? You can sign up for it here. Opt for the free 30-day Prime trial if you’re not sure about getting an annual membership.

Decide In Advance

Do not make the mistake of thinking you will reach your destination and then browse through the items casually and pick up a few gifts here and there. Black Friday Sales do not work that way! Prepare in advance. Make a list of all the things you need and which stores you want to visit. This will not only save you time but also save you from the unbelievable crowds you will inevitably face. You can also go ahead and make amazon wishlist to grab your favorite product.

Make A Group

Never, ever, go Black Friday Shopping alone. We have warned you, that Black Friday is not for the weak-hearted! Make a group, and divide yourselves among different stores. Share the list of items everyone needs from a particular store and buy them for each other, depending on which store you’re in. Divide and conquer is the motto here.

Go Prepared

When going Black Friday shopping, you must always remember to be prepared for the worst. A huge crowd of people never equals discipline. Crowds are unruly, so remember to be prepared for this. Carry food and water, and other essentials; like proper winter clothing. You don’t want to be stuck waiting in a queue for hours freezing in the November weather.

Black Friday Crowd Fight

Switch To Online Shopping

The new generation prefers to do everything online these days; be it ordering food, watching movies, and shows, paying their fines, making dates, and most commonly of all shopping online. With the rise in prices of fuel, as well as the rise in the population heading towards the stores this Black Friday, you would enjoy a safer and more personalized shopping experience online. Almost all the deals are readily available online, with zero to low shipping charges. So this Black Friday, go green, and shop online! The Best Stores for all Black Friday Shopping are Amazon, Walmart,, Target, etc. We’ll be covering the best online stores for Black Friday shopping in another post.

Black Friday Online Shopping TipsStay updated on Store Policies

If you’re shopping online on Black Friday then make sure you know the return policies, terms and conditions, store ratings, and every detail before ordering from any store during the Black Friday shopping. You don’t need to be deceived by cheap prices, you must take time to understand the risks involved in buying from an online store. Some stores offer a refund, some stores don’t offer refunds, and every store has its own terms and conditions. You need to stay updated to avoid any troubles during the Black Friday shopping.

Make Use Of Your Credit Card

This Black Friday, remember to keep your credit card handy at all times. With the huge amounts of purchases, you are sure to be making, do not forget to swipe your credit card for points. These points can be utilized later on, and you will be surprised at how much you will have saved.

Buy What You Need, Ditch What You Don’t!

It is human to get lured away by heavy discounts, low prices, and combo deals during the holiday season. Even if you know you will have no utility for something, you somehow can resist buying it. This Black Friday, maximize your savings by preparing a list in advance of what you need, and stick to the list!

Start Your Black Friday Shopping Early

Black Friday deals aren’t restricted anymore to just the day after Thanksgiving. Be smart this season, check out the Black Friday deals online early, and you will find amazing discounts. The best websites offering the biggest discounts will be more. Just check with them. You can stay updated with us for the best deals and updates.

Name Your Own Price

A new trend taking over the internet called name your own price can be strategically used this Black Friday. Websites like allow you to quote the price that you want to pay for various items such as appliances, gifts, baby strollers, etc.

Use Coupons

Avail of coupons this holiday season and maximize your savings. Many online websites provide coupons that you can print out for direct use; such as Most people have realized the power of social media, and are using mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to promote deals and coupons. Keep a lookout for these deals way before Black Friday, and you will surely come across a bunch of sweet deals this season. You can also join our Facebook event for Black Friday instant updates. Also, subscribe to this subreddit and this Facebook community.

Beware of Cyber fraudsters

“The chances of employees becoming victims of a fraud may be higher than normal on Black Friday. This is due to a combination of the rush to complete transactions in a small window and the opportunism of potential fraudsters, seeking to lure consumers in with what appear to be incredible deals,” according Andrew Yule, Employment Partner at Winckworth Sherwood.

Don’t share any kind of personal or financial information on Public and unsecured WiFi Network. Always, make sure the store URL address starts with ‘HTTPS” with a Green Text ‘Secure’. Also, beware of phishing emails.

Check if the Product is the Latest Version

Many of the product deals you’ll find on this day are a previous generation or poorer quality that a retailer wants to clear from their stores. So, it’s worth checking the specifications against recent devices.

What To Look Out For This Black Friday 2023

While you will find almost every item on sale during Black Friday, there are some specific items to look out for that offer maximum savings for only limited time periods. So as you focus on the small items which you’ll end up saving $5-$10 on, this Black Friday, focus on the bigger items and save from $200 upwards!

1. TVs:

If you have always had your eye on that smart TV or curved TV, grab the opportunity this time and buy it on Black Friday, saving yourself hundreds of dollars. For larger screen TVs you will find yourself saving up $400 or more.

2. Laptops:

One of the most popular items to buy on Black Friday, you could end up grabbing a sweet deal this season if you keep a lookout for the perfect deal.

3. Electronic Gadgets

What better gift to give to your young, loved ones, than a brand-new gadget? Be it an iPhone, an Apple Watch, or an iPod, everyone seems to love these new gadgets.

4. Clothes

Black Friday sales are seen to shoot up to the highest in clothing and departmental stores. Offering discounts of up to 70%, you might find yourself that perfect holiday sweater or gown.

So this Black Friday 2023, how are you going to be going about your holiday shopping? The traditional crowd-buster way, or from the comfort of your home with just a few simple clicks? Let us know below in the comments, and do share your thoughts and ideas on how you think you can maximize your savings on this biggest shopping day.

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